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Name Super City
ID air.SuperCity
Category Action
Size 61 MB
Version 1.23
Publisher Matt Dickie
MOD Features Marvel & DC Characters
Requires android Android 4.4 expand_more
android Android 4.4
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
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Download Super City Mod Apk: Marvel VS DC and enjoy a superhero/supervillain brawl like never before in the best 3D action mobile game.


Super City is a superhero simulation game in which players fight against super villains using a super hero, or fight super heroes while using a super villain. In this game, you can create your own superhero and fight crime.

Super City Mod: Marvel VS DC


Your favorite heroes and villains from both Marvel and DC comics are featured as chooseable characters. Save the day as the friendly neighborhood spiderman, or fight evil from the dark as Batman. You have also got Superman, Hulk, Captain America, Joker and so many others.

There are over 150 superheroes and villains. Super City lets you create battles of your imagination. Do you think Civil War is the biggest battle you’ve seen in your favourite comic? Here you can also create team matches with more characters. Or you can even match up Marvel Comics characters against DC Comic. Of course, the outcome of each battle depends on you, your skills and your chosen character.

If you are new to Super City, you should know that characters and environments found in this game are created using 3D models, providing highly accurate details.

Super City Mod: Marvel VS DC


This games uses your phone’s screen to create the control mechanics. It is a strategy and action game. You can only control one character and must eliminate the rest of the opposition to win.

Some superheroes have the ability to send lasers from a distance and some super villain have the ability to freeze you for a second. Players need to master their fighting strategy and understand how the game works to get the victory they deserve. The screen displays a four-way control button that allows you to easily move your character around.

Super City Mod: Marvel VS DC

With 3D graphics, players can move around the map quickly and easily. The A, R, G, P, T, and S buttons on the screen perform special functions and are used mostly in combat. Combine them in a way that can help you create super powerful combo. A is for attack, R for run (double tap to fly or run faster based on your character), G to grab, P to pick up or toss and T/S for your character’s special ability.

Your story of villainy and heroism awaits!

Download Super City Mod Apk: Marvel VS DC.

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