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Name WR3D 2K24: WWE Wrestling Mod
Category Sports
Size 162 MB
Version 1.1
Publisher Sepker
MOD Features Real Wrestlers
Requires android Android 5.0 expand_more
android Android 5.0
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WR3D 2K24 Mod (WrestleMania 40, All Wrestlers, Current Arenas) — a sports mobile game of intense action. Create your wrestler and dominate the ring, fight through the roster and become the best in the entire wrestling federation.


WR3D 2K24 game is the latest on the series of WR3D Mod. There are all new moves, special moves and wrestlers. Wrestling Revolution 3D is one of the oldest and the best wrestling game for your android phone. It is a story-driven game that is based on the wrestling scene of top wrestling  brands like WWE, AEW and ROH.

In this 3D sports game, you are to choose a wrestler with which you would run a career and fight your way to become the world heavy weight champion. Apart from WWE 2K, it is the best wrestling game for wrestling game fans.

WR3D 2K24 Mod (All Wrestlers, Current Arenas)


There are over 100 wrestlers from different major wrestling brands featured in this game, giving players a wide option of selection. Each wrestler is unique with special songs and entrance and WR3D 2K24 clearly presents them all.

The most loved feature of 2K23 version, entrance pyro, is part of 2K24. PYRO feature takes the graphics of this 3D wrestling game to a new level as wrestler’s entrance gets amazing fire works just as in real life.

Video entrance is bigger and better in the latest version, more smooth than ever before. This is the perfect android game for wrestling lovers!


WR3D 2K24 introduces different type of controls. You can set up a gamepad or simply use virtual buttons which are visible on your mobile screen. You can fight a match on your favorite pay per view arena using your favorite rules. Take Hell In A Cell to monday night RAW, or TLC to AEW takeover. There are lots of wrestlers from different roster available for you.

Jump into the square ring with Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Becky Lycnh, and many others. This is a mixture of Wrestling Revolution, NJPW, WWE and AEW action into one, making it one of the best android game out there.


Just like the previous version of 22 and 23, the controls are the same and still simple to use.

  • CURSOR is for Movement (double tap to run)
  • A is for Punch (with a direction to punch up, without to punch low)
  • G for Hold/Grab
  • R for Run
  • P for Pick up/Drop (with a direction to throw)
  • T for Insult/Pin/Official responsibilities
  • EYE for Change focus
  • CLOCK for Menu/Change camera view.

WR3D 2K24 Mod (All Wrestlers, Current Arenas)


You are not satisfied with the plain default settings and gameplay? Simple click on settings and turn on realistic shadows as well as lightnings to give your game a more realistic 3D view.

This game takes customization to the next level. Everyone has a camera view of comfort while playing a game. In the menu settings, you can change camera view to the best angle for you.


  • Click the download button above the app screenshots section of this page, through which you will be taken to the download page to choose a version. Decide on the version you want, follow through and begin download of the Apk file
  • After download is complete, find the file in your phone storage (usually under download folder). Click on the file and then click install. No special permission is needed for installation. You don’t need to worry about the safety of your android as all APK files on Android Pocket are analysed to be safe before uploaded. Enjoy!

WR3D 2K24 Mod (All Wrestlers, Current Arenas)


Get the best wrestling experience in front of your screen.

  • WWE Diva roster, featuring all your favorite women wrestlers including Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch, Naomi, and Charlotte Flair
  • Ambulance Match rule added to give you the real WWE Ambulance Match experience. Yes, there’s an ambulance vehicle waiting for someone to be thrown in
  • Play Casket Match against any opponent with a no disqualification rule. You are free to make use of any weapon in or around the ring during casket match
  • Free roaming behind the stage, reasonable during no disqualification matches
  • New Arenas updated to the 2024 wrestling season
  • Unlimited Money, and easy influence to wrestling career through general manager mode
  • Updated Roasters to that of 2024. There are 12 pro wrestling rosters in WR3D 2K23 Mod
  • Gamepad and Virtual Buttons controllers
  • Table, Ladder and chairs match as well as WWE Money In The Bank.
  • Wrestlers entrance is as realistic as it can get with entrance scene music, video, and pyro.

Download WR3D 2K24 Mod and begin your personal career journey to WrestleMania 40. This mod features all pro wrestlers and hall of famers.

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